Five Year Anniversary Wine Dinner

1st Course- Tuna and Salmon Tartare, radish and snow pea, Kentucky caviar cream, pea shoots

2nd Course- Lobster Salad, bell pepper and fennel slaw, avocado, seaweed, lemon sorbet, Chardonnay dressing

3rd Course- Halibut, rose petal cardamom flan, corn, maiitake mushrooms, classic beurre blanc

4th Course- Breast of Squab in golden crust with foie gras, peach poivrade sauce, arugula and pistachio truffle dressing, creamy spinach

5th course- Rack of Lamb, basil demi, marble potatoes, tomato confit, fondue of zucchini and squash, asparagus, medley of mushrooms

Dessert- Assortment of sweets